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Steelimex Malta Trading

Herr Hunker Karavaklis

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According to §§ 1, 5 of the German Telemedia Act (TMG), a provider of business-like telemedia must provide certain information (so-called imprint obligation). According to this, an advertisement from a commercial provider - in addition to the contact data already entered for direct communication - must contain the following information, among other things:

the name and address of the provider, the legal form of the organisation as well as the the first name and surname of the authorised representative
the commercial register, register of associations, register of partnerships or register of cooperatives in which the provider is registered, and the corresponding registration number (if available)
the value added tax identification number according to § 27a value added tax law (if available)
the economic identification number according to § 139c of the Tax Code (if available)
in the case of providers whose activities require official authorisation, information must also be provided on the competent supervisory authority and, in the case of certain professions, information on membership of a chamber (e.g. Chamber of Pharmacists), the statutory professional title (e.g. pharmacist) and professional regulations (e.g. professional regulations for pharmacists)
The law stipulates that this information must be easily recognisable, immediately accessible and constantly available. For further questions regarding § 5 TMG or the design and placement of your imprint details, please contact an attorney or another legal advice centre.

Steelimex is a steel and raw material trader worldwide. Besides we give service to our clients to buy/sell their second hand lines.

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